Les Fondues Wyssmuller®

Les Fondues Wyssmüller®

The Les Fondues Wyssmüller® brand – with its high-quality, freshly-grated fondue recipes produced in Gruyère – is a worthy ambassador for Swiss gastronomy and its famous cheese dish. By bringing on young enthusiasts to run the “Chez Boujdi” chalet as part of its development, the company is strengthening its visibility and regional roots.



An Olympic ambassador

Since 2021, Les Fondues Wyssmüller® has been supporting the sporting career of Mathilde Gremaud, triple medal winner at the 2018 PyeongChang and 2022 Beijing Olympic Games, and top ambassador visitors may well unexpectedly bump into at “Chez Boudji”.

Chez Boudji Alpine Tavern is delighted to host the 2nd edition of its Tavolata, organized in collaboration with the Chai du Baron winery.

Tavolata chez Boudji, in the heart of Gruyère, is an event that brings together two passionate epicureans and long-time friends: Valaisan Patrice Walpen and Gruyère native William Wyssmüller.

Patrice, the winemaker, is excited to present his wines to accompany the savory recipes of William, the master cheesemaker.

A gourmet and friendly gathering for an atmospheric Tavolata!

Join us on August 30th, 2024 at 6:00 pm at Chez Boudji in Broc.

Limited seating.


From 6:00 pm - Welcome drink 6:30 pm: Tasting of Valaisan wines and presentation by Patrice Walpen Mixed salad and roasted seeds per person. Sharing platter for 4 people

7:30 pm Presentation of the fondue chosen by William Wyssmüller Master Cheesemaker Wyssmüller® fondue 200 gr Bottle of Chai du Baron wine for 4 people Water at will Gruyère double cream and meringues per person.

Coffee Small Boudji schnapps

65.- / person

Reserve your table for the Tavolata on August 30th